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نادي دبي لرماية القوس والسهم

Dubai Archers was established over twenty years ago.  It’s founder and current Chairman is Simon Linton. In the early years there wasn't the luxury of an Archery Club in the region, which meant Archers had to transport their equipment to wherever there was a safe place to shoot.

There followed a six-year association with the Dubai Country Club, which sadly ended due to closure leaving Dubai Archers without a shooting range yet again.

Sharjah Wanderers Golf Club came to our aid and offered us the means to re-establish our Archery Club.  We now have a great facility where we can shoot safely and in harmony with our Golfing friends

Dubai Archers is entirely run by volunteers who are in full-time employment within the UAE.

We don’t employ staff within the club.  All enquirers and communication should be channeled to key club members via email, SMS or phone during weekdays.


  • To solely promote the sport of Archery.
  • To provide a supervised and safe environment for all Archers
  • To introduce beginners to this ancient sport and allow experienced Archers the opportunity to nurture and better their skills.




Our Services

Schools Program - Training:

Students will be tutored in the safety, equipment use and preparation, art of shooting at targets on the range and once proficient maybe give the opportunity of going on the field course. All equipment will be provided by Dubai Archers.

It is proposed that there maybe a small competition. The hope is that the three major Colleges will be taking vantage of this offer and may lead to inter college competitions. Also there will be the opportunity for students to do Archery as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.

There will be a minimum of 2 skilled archery instructors present throughout the sessions.

Parent will be required to sign a disclaimer form.


  • Age 10 +
  • Boys /Girls welcome Up to 10 students
  • Course duration 6 weeks (dates to confirm and agree with School)
  • Sessions 15:30 to 17:00 (other timings can be arranged)
  • Dubai Archers will provide all necessary equipment
  • Recommend that students put on suntan and wear hats.
  • End of course inter college competition

For further details please contact as at :




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