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نادي دبي لرماية القوس والسهم

Dubai Archers was established over twenty years ago.  It’s founder and current Chairman is Simon Linton. In the early years there wasn't the luxury of an Archery Club in the region, which meant Archers had to transport their equipment to wherever there was a safe place to shoot.

There followed a six-year association with the Dubai Country Club, which sadly ended due to closure leaving Dubai Archers without a shooting range yet again.

Sharjah Wanderers Golf Club came to our aid and offered us the means to re-establish our Archery Club.  We now have a great facility where we can shoot safely and in harmony with our Golfing friends

Dubai Archers is entirely run by volunteers who are in full-time employment within the UAE.

We don’t employ staff within the club.  All enquirers and communication should be channeled to key club members via email, SMS or phone during weekdays.


  • To solely promote the sport of Archery.
  • To provide a supervised and safe environment for all Archers
  • To introduce beginners to this ancient sport and allow experienced Archers the opportunity to nurture and better their skills.




Our Services

Come and Shoot:


Come and Shoot at Dubai Archers.

Dubai Archers ranges are located at the Sharjah Wonderers Golf Club ( check our location link).


What are the facilities like?

Target Range 90 , 70 , 50 , 30 , 10 meters targets , 2 areas one for beginners with 4 targets at 10 to 20 meters , advance area with the rest of distances .

Field Range with several target butts at random distances set up around the club golf course. Please note novices are not allowed at the field course.

Who can come?

You need to be 10 years of  age at least , this is mainly because below that age you will not be able to pull the bow enough as we do not have equipment for small kids .

Can I rent equipment?

Club has entry level fiber glass bows, Wooden bows especially for beginners and all the extras like finger tabs, arm guards to set you up. First visit we will help you to start . Plenty of arrows.



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